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Are you still buying Snyder's Batman book in spite of the price spike?



Yes, because I honestly want to read the book and I can afford it, but the instant Snyder is gone from the title, I’m dropping it. But not everyone is me and can afford these things and it’s not going to do the company any favors to continue to raise prices far past the point they should be at.

You know that the price is going back to $3.99 after this month, right? 

Snyder and Capullo are the reason that happened. 

If you’re on Time Warner in SoCal, the Internet is apparently closed.




It’s totally full.

Part water. Part air. 

Completely full.

All of the time. 

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There is only one “web series” that I really watch religiously anymore. I’ll let other shows build up or just drift out of view, but Every Frame a Painting is the real deal in a way that a lot of other criticism shows can’t hope to touch. 

Beautiful, educational, critical, hilarious. Off-the-cuff, effortless friendliness. An ally taking you on a journey, showing you the sights, and giving you time to breathe as you take it all in.

It takes me back to talking to film school friends (without the shitty dorm surroundings). It also makes me jealous that my humble show will never live up to this level of consistent quality. 

It’s just a great goddamned thing and you should watch every episode. 


An Art Print by Pop Chart Lab Featuring Many of the Wondrous Water Towers Found in New York City

No single feature of New York City made me feel like I was living in a page of Kirby art as much as the water towers.

I have no idea why, but it’s the way my brain works. 


When we had finished making the show [The Daemons], as usual I kept an eye on the rubbish skips around the BBC, and when I saw a couple of scene hands about to dump the statue of Bok which had been sitting in the cavern set, I asked if I might have him. So it was that the statue ended up in my garden in Barnes as a sort of grotesque gnome. I don’t know what our friends made of it, and at least one unwelcome visitor to the garden — who had climbed over the back wall in search of items to procure — was seen leaving in a hurry, having been shocked to find an evil-looking gargoyle peering at him from under the bushes. Unfortunately, the statue was made from carved polystyrene and was not designed to withstand the rigors of the English weather and so, eventually, poor Bok literally melted and fell apart.

— Jon Pertwee, I Am The Doctor


The Adventures of George Washington (Part 2) by LadyHistory [more]

Previously: Part One

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